Thanks to everyone who came to the last Scrappy Meals Pop-Up!


We are grateful to Tree Bistro for sharing with us their amazing space and look forward to the next one.

Scrappy Meals isn't a dinner, it's a culinary movement.




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Scrappy Meals is a growing community that aims to reduce waste by connecting people through the food in their fridge. A Scrappy Meal is not your ordinary dinner party. Guests are asked to bring what they have at home and encouraged not to purchase anything specifically for the dinner. Scrappy Meals is all about respecting the often rejected, and loving your leftovers with a fresh and creative approach.




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Damon Versaggi is a Brooklyn born and bred artist who has always loved and appreciated food. Scrappy Meals was inspired by the unbelievable statistics that are associated with food waste and the constant neglect for good old fashioned human interaction. The hope is not only to change the way we look at and appreciate food, but also connect and grow new relationships with the scraps in our fridge. Thanks for taking the time and hope to see you at a Scrappy Meal real soon!